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Welcome, welcome! We're obsessed with The Hunger Games! We always follow back Hunger Games blogs. Feel free to talk about the Hunger Games with us through our ask. There will be spoilers so be careful if you don't want your heart smashed to a million bits on a regular basis. Enjoy! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Feb 2


Just started an advice blog so if anyone wants to talk feel free to message me i’m always here for you.

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Jan 29

Someone please message me about anything I’m really bored!!!

Jan 10
Jen and Josh talking about each other.

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Jan 3

'Catching Fire' worldwide gross: $802,327,026

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Dec 31

Congrats you’re an asshole!


Just cuz you only think of yourself doesn’t mean your actions don’t effect other people


Tomorrow marks the beginning of a fresh start. Use it wisely!

Sep 17


Message me a :) for a blog rate

Sep 12

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warning! my blog may cause joy♡


warning! my blog may cause joy♡

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i followback everyone ♡


i followback everyone ♡

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